Mapping class groups and quantum topology

University of Strasbourg
25-29 June 2012

Mini-courses by
  • Nariya KAWAZUMI (Tokyo)
  • Dan MARGALIT (Georgia Tech)
  • Christoph SORGER (Nantes)
Lectures by
  • Jørgen ANDERSEN (Århus)
  • Kazuo HABIRO (Kyoto)
  • Rinat KASHAEV (Genève)
  • Ralph KAUFMANN (Purdue)
  • Feng LUO (Rutgers)
  • Julien MARCHÉ (X)
  • Andrew PUTMAN (Rice)
  • Alan REID (Texas)
  • Vladimir TURAEV (Indiana)

Scientific committee: G. Masbaum (Paris 7), A. Papadopoulos (Strasbourg), R. Penner (Århus)

Organization committee: F. Costantino (Strasbourg), J. Dubois (Paris 7), J. Marché (X), G.Massuyeau (Strasbourg)

For any questions about the conference please contact us at