Practical information

Last minute information:

National strike in France on Thursday, Jan. 29th.
Urban transports will probably be heavily perturbed, and trains on national routes as well.


The participants will be lodged in the following hotels/student residences: A list of other hotels in Strasbourg can be found at this link.

Access to hotels and campus

The conference will be held at the Mathematics Department of Université de Strasbourg, on the Main Campus.

Directions to the campus, together with maps indicating the hotels 3 Roses, Esplanade, and Grillon, can be found at this link. The Centre Doctoral Européen is not indicated on the map (it's a fairly new building), but is easy to locate on Boulevard de la Victoire (the one with the tram): it lies on the opposite side of the boulevard than the Hotel Esplanade.
Branching Strip
Villarceau circles at Musée de l'Oeuvre Notre-Dame, Strasbourg
Photo: Michèle Audin

Access to the Maths Department

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department consists of two buildings: the Main building and the IRMA building. You can find a map on the campus indicating the two buildings at this link.

Lectures will take place in the Main building of the Maths Department. On Thursday morning the participants will be welcomed for registration and free discussions around coffee and tea at the IRMA building.

     Thursday morning: registration, coffee and free discussions -- IRMA building, ground floor.

     Thursday afternoon: Grand Amphithéâtre (GAM, Main building).

     Friday: Petit Aphithéâtre (PAM, Main building).

     Saturday: Grand Amphithéâtre (GAM, Main building).


The banquet will take place on Thursday Jan. 29, 7.30 pm at

     Restaurant de la Bourse, 1 place du Maréchal De Lattre De Tassigny (place dela Bourse), 67000 Strasbourg. Tel. (+33) (0)3 88 36 40 53

The restaurant is within walking distance, 15 min. away from the Maths Department. Click here for an itinerary to the restaurant.

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Last updated: January 21, 2009.