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Research fields    fr

This team focuses on various research fields exposed hereafter.

In mathematical statistics the team deals with:
- construction of new estimation procedures (density, models, regression,...) to find optimal methods from a minimax point of view and to exhibit estimators free of any nuisance parameter;
- nonparametric estimation of the regression function;
- study of dependence by copulas;
- use of algebraic statistics to design experiments;
- extreme values analysis in the presence of censored data in a multivariate context,
in a spatial context and in the stationnarity case (with application to particle filters);
- development of confidence bands and two-sample tests with good moderate sample performance in models of censored competing risks and censored recurrent events;
- bayesian methods and classification;
- dimension reduction, bayesian regularization;
- support estimation.

In applied statistics the team deals with:
- PLS regression;
- application of extreme values theory in Medicine, insurance and environmental scinces;
- multiway analysis of tables;
- state-space models and their use in marketing science;
- survey methodology;
- morphological characterization of three dimensional structures.