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Environment/Geoscience and Statistic    fr

- Research team : statistics
- Contact : Armelle Guillou

Loss of life and economic damage from extreme weather and climate events has been recurrent in human history. Although our understanding of the mean behavior of most climatic processes is well understood, the statistical modeling of extreme events in time and space remains a difficult mathematical challenge. This is mainly due to the intrinsic rarity of extreme events, their non-Gaussian amplitudes and the different spatio-temporal scales involved.

In this inter-disciplinary project, we have proposed to develop new statistical models for one important geophysical research topic: analysis of extreme events. The originality of this project is to combine the expertise of climate scientists and statisticians in order to propose innovative statistical models that are capable of accurately representing the distribution of extreme events when implementing a statistical spatio and/or temporal procedures, e.g. filtering methods and latent processes.

This project AssimilEx (2006-2009) has been supported by the French National Research Agency.

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