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Master Class : Around Thurston-Grothendieck-Teichmüller theories

IRMA, May 9 - 17, 2014

Aims and Scopes

The master classes are aimed at introducing graduate students to current research areas in mathematics. The program is oriented to students that start or finish their master degree as well as to Ph.D. students. Post-docs are also welcome. For previous master classes held in Strasbourg, see here.

The aim of this master class is to give an introduction to hyperbolic geometry, Riemann surfaces and Teichmüller spaces as these appear in the works of Thurston, Grothendieck and Teichmüller, and to show the connections between the various theories.
There will be also a course on the dynamical/probabilistic aspects of hyperbolic geometry (by J. Franchi).


- Norbert A’Campo (Basel) : The Riemann-Roch theorem

- Louis Funar (Grenoble) : Arithmetic behind quantum invariants of 3-manifolds

- Jacques Franchi (Strasbourg) : Hyperbolic geometry from the point of view of Minkowski space and the Lorentz group.

- Ken’ichi Ohshika (Osaka) : The work of Thurston on Kleinian groups

- Hugo Parlier (Fribourg) : Combonatorial aspects of Teichmüller spaces

- Gabriela Schmithüsen (Karlsruhe) : Origamis and Dessins d’Enfants.

- Muhammed Uludağ (Istanbul) : Modular group, dessins and binary quadratic forms

- Alexandre Zvonkine (Bordeaux) : Dessins d’Enfants


IRMA’s building is located in the main campus of Strasbourg University (see the map and the map) . The master classes will be held in the conference room of this building.

Financial support

Financial support for undergraduate and graduate students will be available. We should be able to cover the accomodation expenses, and maybe a limited number of travel expenses. We encourage all participants to seek financial support for travel from their home institutions. To register please send an email to the organizer and if you are a student indicate one person of reference (thesis advisor for instance).

The Master Classes belongs to a series of master classes that are supported by the LABEX IRMIA.

Organizer : A. Papadopoulos

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