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16th Forum of Young (Wo)-men in Mathematics    fr

IRMA, 24-25 novembre 2016

IRMA, 24-25 November 2016

The 16th Forum of Young (Wo)-men in Mathematics organised by
by the french association femmes & mathématiques (Women in Mathematics) will take place in Strasbourg this year.

The highlighted topics, in a broad sense, of this meeting will be Analysis and Geometry.

The forum is an event aimed at young and more specifically at young women mathematicians.
It is primarily a scientific meeting with plenary talks by recognised women mathematicians and the presentations
by young doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

The call for papers is to be found here.

This year the forum will honour three women from Strasbourg.

invited Speakers

- Nalini Anantharaman (Université de Strasbourg and USIAS)
- Christine Huyghe (IRMA-CNRS Strasbourg)
- Sheila Sandon (IRMA-CNRS Strasbourg)

The scientific programme will be complemented by activites around issues of parity and the continued presence of stereotypes of women in sciences.

A talk by Clémence Perronnet (centre Max Weber, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon) on « Stéréotypes et réalité : que nous apprend le concept de genre sur les mathématiques ? » will take place on Thursday 24th November at 4 pm . This will be followed by a play called "Dérivée" performed by the Company LAPS/équipe du matin. The piece is of the theatre-forum style beginning with a prepared part about a young girl confronted by stereotypes and followed by debates and improvised scenes involving the public .

Undergraduate students are warmly invited to this event.

On Friday the 25th November there will be a session of mentoring to prepare and advise young (wo)-men to face the professional world particularly in the quest of equality and the struggle against discrimination.

These forums are meetings with an environment friendlier than a usual conference, especially in the sense that young (wo)-men researchers can

approach more established women mathematicians for advice and recommendations.

Scientific Comitee : Aline Bonami (Orléans), Fanny Kassel (Lille), Stéphanie Salmon (Reims), Marina Ville (Tours) and Nathalie Wach (Strasbourg).

Organisers : Florence Lecomte et Christine Vespa (Strasbourg)

Venue : Salle de conférences, IRMA

For more ample information contact the organisers of the meeting :

- Florence Lecomte : lecomte AT
- Christine Vespa: vespa AT

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