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Foliations in Alsace

IRMA, October 23-27, 2017

The "Foliations in Alsace" conference will take place at Institut de
Recherche Mathématique Avancée (University of Strasbourg and CNRS) on October
23-27, 2017.

The theory of holomorphic foliations is a rich subject at the
meeting point of geometry, topology, analysis and algebra. The aim of this
conference is to present recent developments in this theory.

Organizers :
Guy CASALE (Rennes), Yohann GENZMER (Toulouse), Charlotte HARDOUIN (Toulouse), Viktoria HEU (Strasbourg), Loïc TEYSSIER (Strasbourg)

Scientific comitee
Dominique CERVEAU
Jean-François MATTEI

The invited speakers include :

- BELOTO Andre, Toulouse (France)
- BINYAMINI Gal, Rehovot (Israel)
- CALSAMIGLIA Gabriel, Rio (Brazil)
- CLAUDON Benoit , Nancy (France)
- CORRAL Nuria, Santander (Spain)
- COUSIN Gaël, Angers (France)
- DEROIN Bertrand , Paris (France)
- DESERTI Julie, Paris (France)
- FLORIS Enrica, Basel (Switzerland)
- FROMENTEAU Clément, Angers (France)
- HERNANDES Marcelo, Maringa (Brazil)
- KLEPTSYN Viktor, Rennes (France)
- KLIMES Martin, Montréal (Canada)
- MARDESIC Pavao, Dijon (France)
- MARIN David, Barcelone (Spain)
- MCQUILLAN Michael, Rome (Italy)
- NICOLAU Marcel, Barcelone (Spain)
- PANAZZOLO Daniel, Mulhouse (France)
- PEREIRA Jorge, Rio (Brazil)
- REBELO Julio, Toulouse (France)
- REIS Helena , Porto (Portugal)
- RIBON Javier, Rio (Brazil)
- ROUSSEAU Erwann, Marseille (France)
- THOM Olivier, Rennes (France)
- TOUZET Frédéric, Rennes (France)
- VORONIN Sergei Tcheliabinsk (Russia)

Venue : Salle de conférences, IRMA building, or PAM, Math building

The talks will be in English. Graduate students and young mathematicians are welcome.
Registration is free of charge, but must be performed beforehand on the
conference website.

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