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12th Conference of the GDR DYNQUA

Cronenbourg, February, 5-7 2020

The aim of the GDR dynqua is to structure the community of reaserchers interested in the theoretical and mathematical aspects of quantum mechanics.

Organizers : Nalini Anantharaman, Yohann Le Floch, Martin Vogel, Rodolfo Jalabert, Guido Pupillo, Guillaume Weick, Dietmar Weinmann

Invited Speakers (confirmed so far)
- Denis Basko (Université Grenoble Alpes)
- Pierre Delplace (ENS Lyon)
- Alexis Drouot (Columbia University)
- Thomas Ebbesen (ISIS, Université de Strasbourg)
- Gian-Michele Graf (mini-cours) (ETH Zurich)
- Géraldine Haack (University of Geneva)
- Vojkan Jaksic (McGill University)
- Svetlana Jitomirskaya (University of California, Irvine)

Funding :
The GDR prioritizes funding requests for hotel expenses from PhD students, and PostDocs on demand. Everyone in need of funding to cover hotel or travel expenses for attending the conference may contact us as well, however we may not be able to provide it.

All the talks will take place in the Amphithéâtre Marguerite Perey in building 01 on the 4th floor, University of Strasbourg, Campus Cronenbourg. See the map.

For more details, see the official website of the conference.

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