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Summer School on Motives and Arithmetic Groups

IRMA Strasbourg, 13-17 June 2022

The aim of the summer school is to provide an introduction to recent advances in the understanding of the number-theoretic content of the cohomology of arithmetic groups and of algebraic K-groups of number rings. Uncovering this information reveals deep connections with algebraic geometry, namely with the theory of motives and with motivic homotopy theory. Surprisingly, this happens even when the arithmetic groups under consideration are not directly linked with algebraic varieties.

Jitendra Bajpai (MPIM Bonn)
Mattia Cavicchi (IRMA Strasbourg)

Scientific committee
Frédéric Déglise (ENS Lyon)
Günter Harder (MPIM Bonn)

The mini-courses will cover the following topics :

- Mixed Tate motives, Dedekind zeta values, and polylogarithms

- Weighted cohomology of Shimura varieties

- Hermitian K-theory of number rings and special values of L-functions

- Motivic cohomology and cohomology of arithmetic groups

The summer school will also feature talks from young researchers.

Registrations : see the official web site.

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