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Geometric structures, compactifications and group actions

IRMA, June 27 - July 1rst 2022

The unifying background of the meeting will be rigid differential-geometric structures, such as conformal and projective structures. This refers both to structures locally modelled on homogeneous spaces and to their curved analogues. One topic will be applications of Cartan connections to locally homogeneous structures, their moduli spaces, and compactifications. A related topic will be conformal compactifications such as Poincare-Einstein manifolds, and analogues for other ambient geometries. Another topic will be group actions preserving such structures and their rigidity.

Organizers : Andreas Cap (Universität Wien), Charles Frances (IRMA/Université de Strasbourg), Karin Melnick (University of Maryland), Thomas Mettler (FernUni Schweiz) and Katharina Neusser (Masaryk University)

Speakers :
- Thierry Barbot (Université d’Avignon)
- Olivier Biquard (Sorbonne Université)
- David Calderbank (University of Bath)
- David Dumas (University of Illinois at Chicago)
- Maciej Dunajski (University of Cambridge)
- Bill Goldman (University of Maryland)
- Rod Gover (University of Auckland)
- François Guéritaud (Université de Strasbourg)
- Olivier Guichard (Université de Strasbourg)
- Nigel Hitchin (University of Oxford)
- Jun-Muk Hwang (IBS-CCG, Daejeon)
- Wojciech Kryński (IMPAN Warsaw)
- Yoshihiko Matsumoto (Osaka University)
- Vladimir Matveev (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, TBC)
- Vincent Pecastaing (University of Luxembourg)
- Jan Swoboda (Universität Heidelberg)
- Hartmut Weiss (Universität Kiel)
- Michael Wolf (Rice University)

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