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Breakdown of Studies for Thesis Students (Doctorants)    fr

Students can follow the Master Research (M2) advanced courses.

Every year, as part of the course framework, there is one week of special lectures, usually held in spring. Please see the 2010 Program for more details.

There is one mathematics seminar for thesis students per week, which takes place in the IRMA building. More details can be found in the current program. A multi-field seminar is also organised by the doctoral school, this is a seminar covering several different scientific fields.

Compulsory requirements :

- You must attend 6 seminars, including 4 organised by the Doctoral School (see list below). The remaining two seminars can be chosen from another field (for example, data processing). The attendance sheet “Seminars 2005/06” must be signed by the student at each seminar.
- With regards to the two scientific modules, there are two options. One can do the science modules at a summer school or do 20 hour classes from the M2 syllabus. You must sign the course register for each M2 module, or provide a valid certificate from the summer school.
- You must take two “Professionalism Modules”, it is compulsory to do "Communication skills in Scientific English". For the second, the monitors (thesis students who give Licence1 lectures) can validate their CIES formation for this. Students who are not monitors must complete the “Intelligence Economic” module.
- To take part in the “Poster-day” at the beginning of the second year. At this event, held on the third Thursday of September, each student presents their individual research tasks, in the form of a poster. Information will be provided nearer the time.

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