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Third Workshop "Micro-Macro Modelling and Simulation of Liquid-Vapour Flows"

IRMA, 23-25 Janvier 2008

Topics and Objectives

The aim of the research group "Micro-Macro Modelling and Simulation of Liquid-Vapour Flows" is the investigation of liquid-vapour flows, in particular the development of new more efficient and accurate software tools and the improvement of existing tools for simulations. Vapour together with liquid phases occur in many applications like cavitation problems, two phase flow in micro devices, cooling and boiling processes and breakup of liquid jets. Since e.g. turbine blades and ship propellers can be destroyed by cavitation this research is of high industrial interest.
An important and necessary issue in this project is the interdisciplinary cooperation between mathematicians and engineers on the one hand and the cooperation between French and German groups on the other hand. The first issue is of vital importance since mathematicians need information about relevant and realistic models, about valid regimes for different models, the access to experimental data, and characteristic behaviour of solutions. Furthermore, engineers will benefit from modern and efficient techniques for acceleration of numerical algorithms (multigrid, adaptivity in space and time), their mathematical justification, rigorous results for model problems, and the construction of exact solutions for benchmarking.



Download slides of the workshop here

Financial Support

DFG-CNRS research unit 563 "Micro-Macro Modelling and Simulation of Liquid-Vapour Flows"

Workshop Fee

There is no fee for the Workshop. The participants will pay for their meal at the University cafetaria. HOWEVER THE REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY.

Location / Accomodation

The Mathematics Institute is located in the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg. All the details to come to the IRMA are given here.
You may also find here a A short list of hotels.

Contact address

IRMA, 7 rue Descartes, 67084 Strasbourg cedex, France
E-Mail : helluy@[NO_SPAM]

Le projet "Micro-Macro Modelling and Simulation of Liquid-Vapour Flows" a pour but de développer de nouvelles méthodes numériques pour la simulation des écoulements liquide-vapeur. Les applications industrielles sont très nombreuses : cavitation près des hélices, écoulements diphasiques dans les micro-moteurs, dispositifs de refroidissements, systèmes d’injection.
Un aspect important de ce projet franco-allemand est la coopération entre mathématiciens, physiciens et ingénieurs. En effet, les mathématiciens ont besoin de l’expertise des physiciens et des ingénieurs pour s’assurer de la pertinence des modèles qu’ils étudient. Les ingénieurs attendent de nouvelles méthodes numériques performantes ainsi que des exemples de solutions exactes pour la validation de leurs modèles.

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