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Master 2 "Recherche" 2010-2011    fr

This one year course corresponds to the second year of "Master de Sciences, mention mathématiques, option recherche : mathématiques fondamentales et appliquées".

In 2010-2011 our second year Master’s programme will offer students thorough training in three areas of mathematics:
- Complex Algebraic Geometry
- Symplectic Geometry
- Dynamical Systems in Arithmetic and Analysis

The first two quarters of teaching will be lecture courses, whereas the third will constitute an introduction to research, ending with a public defense of a supervised research project.

In each of the three areas teaching begins with two basic courses which introduce the main concepts and which are complemented by a student seminar. These basic courses will later be developed by more specialised courses.

Master’s Programme 2010-2011

Information about:
- Prerequisites and applying
- Job opportunities
- Assessment
- Compatibility with "préparation à l’agrégation"
- The course structure

is available on the UFR website

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