Holomorphic foliations in Alsace
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Monday, October 23 (IRMA)

10h-10h50Bertrand DEROIN
Supra-maximal representations and Painlevé VI equations
11h-11h50Daniel PANAZZOLO
Singularities of foliations and GIT
12h-14hLunch break
14h-14h50Enrica FLORIS
Invariance of plurigenera for foliations on surfaces.
15h-15h30Coffee break
15h30-16h20Benoît CLAUDON
Representations of Kähler and quasi-projective groups in the group of formal diffeomorphisms in one variable.
16h30-17h20Olivier THOM
Bifoliated neighborhoods of curves

Tuesday, October 24 (IRMA)

9h30-10h20Nuria CORRAL
About the topology of the jacobian curve of two singular foliations
10h30-11hCoffee break
11h-11h50Frédéric TOUZET
Compact leaves of codimension one foliations.
12h30-14hLunch break
14h-14h50Victor KLEPTSYN
Around the group actions on the circle
15h-15h30Coffee break + Poster session
15h30-16h20Gabriel CALSAMIGLIA
The Riemann-Hilbert mapping on $\mathfrak{sl}_2$-systems
16h30-17h20Michael MCQUILLAN
Stable reduction of foliated surfaces

Wednesday, October 25 (IRMA)

9h-9h50Marcelo HERNANDES
The semiring and semimodule associated to an algebroid curve
10h-10h30Coffee break + Poster session
10h30-11h20Helena REIS
On reduction of singularities for foliations in dimension 3
11h30-12h20Jorge PEREIRA
(Rio de Janeiro)
Effective algebraic integration in bounded genus
12h30Lunch. The afternoon is free

Thursday, October 26 (IRMA)

9h-9h50Marcel NICOLAU
On the automorphism group of a transversely holomorphic foliation
10h-10h30Coffee break + Poster session
10h30-11h20David MARíN
(Cerdanyola del Vallés)
Foliations and webs with continuous symmetries
11h30-12h20Erwan ROUSSEAU
Hyperbolicity of some foliated quotient varieties
12h30-14h30Lunch break
14h30-15h20Andre BELOTTO DA SILVA
Resolution of singularities of the cotangent sheaf of a singular variety.
15h30-16hCoffee break + Poster session
16h-16h50Javier RIBON
Completely integrable vector fields
20hSocial dinner

Friday, October 27 (IRMA)

9h-9h50Martin KLIMES
Confluence of singularities in non-autonomous Hamiltonian systems and non-linear Stokes phenomenon
10h-10h30Coffee break
10h30-11h20Clément FROMENTEAU
About Teichmüller stack of Hopf surfaces
11h30-12h20Pavao MARDESIC
Bounding the length of iterated integrals of the first nonzero Melnikov function
12h30-14h30Lunch break
14h30-15h20Julio REBELO
The dynamics at infinity of Airy and of certain Painleve equations
15h30-16hThe last coffee break