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Colloques et rencontres

Futurs colloques, conférences et rencontres organisés par l’IRMA.
Conferences and meetings organized by IRMA.
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Voir STROM : Spectral Theory and pRObability in Mathematical physics

IRMA, May 20-22 2019

This workshop focuses on Spectral Theory and Probability in Mathematical Physics, in particular on Random Matrices, Random Schrödinger Operators and Random waves.

Voir Geometry and combinatorics. Strasbourg distinguished lectures by Andrei Okounkov.

IRMA, May 27-29 2019

Organizers : Carlo Gasbarri, Nalini Ananthamaran (IRMA Strasbourg)
Speakers (list in progress) :
Andrei Okounkov (Columbia University, New York)
Barbara Fantechi (SISSA, Trieste)
Vladimir Fock (IRMA, Strasbourg)
Guo-Niu Han (IRMA, Strasbourg)
Gianluca Pacienza (IECL, Nancy)
Venue : Grand Amphithéâtre, UFR de Mathématique, University of Strasbourg.

Voir 103e rencontre entre mathématiciens et physiciens théoriciens

IRMA, 6-7 juin 2019

The 103th Encounter between Mathematicians and Theoretical Physicists will take place at Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée (University of Strasbourg and CNRS) on June 6-7, 2019. The theme will be : The mathematics of Gravitation and Black Holes.