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Colloques et rencontres

Futurs colloques, conférences et rencontres organisés par l’IRMA.
Conferences and meetings organized by IRMA.
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Voir 13th Karlsruhe-Heidelberg-Strasbourg "Geometry Day"

IRMA, 19 mai 2022

Le treizième Karlsruhe-Heidelberg-Strasbourg "Geometry Day" aura lieu à Strasbourg le 19 mai 2022.

Voir Colloquium Physique et Mathématique : Majorana fermions and Particle-Hole Symmetries

IRMA, May 20 2022

This is a colloquium in Physics and Mathematics, organised biannually in Strasbourg by a group of scientists from IRMA, ISIS and IPCMS. This third session is devoted to "Majorana fermions and Particle-Hole Symmetries".

Voir Journée MATh.en.JEANS

IRMA, 23 mai 2022

Les élèves des ateliers MATh.en.JEANS dépendant de l’IRMA présenteront les problèmes sur lesquels ils ont travaillé cette année et le fruit de leurs recherches.

Voir Summer School on Motives and Arithmetic Groups

IRMA Strasbourg, 13-17 June 2022

The aim of the summer school is to provide an introduction to recent advances in the understanding of the number-theoretic content of the cohomology of arithmetic groups and of algebraic K-groups of number rings.

Voir Quantum Hall effect and topological phases in Strasbourg

IRMA, June 20-24 2022

The conference will bring together physicists and mathematicians working in the area of quantum Hall effect and topological phases of matter, to discuss the latest developments and current research.

Voir Geometric structures, compactifications and group actions

IRMA, June 27 - July 1rst 2022

The unifying background of the meeting will be rigid differential-geometric structures, such as conformal and projective structures.