Coming to Strasbourg

By train

All trains will arrive to and depart from the central station in Strasbourg. If your ticket is not bought by the organisers, please keep in mind that tickets should be booked in advance (usually 1 or 2 months before the trip), for instance here https://en.oui.sncf/en/. The station is very close to the historical center, and many trams and buses depart from it (especially tram C going to campus, see below).

By aircraft

The closest airport is Strasbourg-Entzheim, however it is a small airport with few international flights. It is recommanded to fly to larger airports and then take a local transport.

  • If you travel with Air France, you can buy a combined ticket for your flight and train using TGV AIR; simply search for Strasbourg as your final destination instead of Paris.

  • If you travel with Lufthansa, the flight ticket can include a bus Frankfurt--Strasbourg, again search for Strasbourg as your final destination instead of Frankfurt.

If you arrive in Paris-Charles de Gaulle with other air companies, there are direct trains to Strasbourg leaving from the airport. Again, if you need to travel by train from another French city, please make sure to book your tickets in advance (tickets can NOT be purchased on board), see the SNCF website.

If you arrive in Strasbourg-Entzheim, from there you can take a train from the airport station to the central station in Strasbourg. To access the station, leave the airport and cross the footbridge. Tickets may be purchased on the platform; you can either buy a single trip to Strasbourg (2.70€) or a combined ticket including access to all public transport in town, valid for 1 hour and 30 minutes starting from the time you buy it (4.40€). The train frequency is quite good, but you may want to check the schedule.

Another possibility is Basel Mulhouse Freiburg airport. You may then take a shuttle (5 minutes) to Saint-Louis station from there, a train to Strasbourg. There are also some direct shuttles between the airport and Strasbourg.

By car

Driving to Strasbourg is relatively straightforward; the highway (either A4 if you arrive from the north or A35 if you arrive from the south, roughly) will bring you very close to the city center. Please be aware, however, that parking in Strasbourg can be quite difficult (on campus, it is nearly impossible). If your hotel does not provide you with a parking spot, you can use one of the Park & Ride parking ran by the local public transport company, see here.

Coming to IRMA (Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée)

The conference venue is located on the Esplanade campus, very close to the city center; the IRMA building is here. From the main station, you have several options:

  • walking goes through the historical center (cathedral, etc.). It takes 30--35 minutes if you know your way around (maps are available in the station), the safest option is to take tram C from the station. You must leave the station on the left when coming from the platforms, and outside you will find the tram C. The only possible direction (Neuhof Rodolphe Reuss) is the right one. Leave at the station ‘Universite’ station and walk south for a few minutes (200 meters on Edmond Labbe road) until you see a seven-stage tower on your left; this is IRMA. The whole trip takes 20--25 minutes. The price of 1 trip ("aller simple") is 1,80€. It is 1,41€ if you buy 10, which is recommandable for one week (please keep the receipt).

Here is a useful map of the city: StrasMap. You also have access to maps and schedules on the website of CTS, the local public transport company.


If you have some free time, you may consider visiting Strasbourg and its surroundings. Here is a small list of interesting places:

  • the cathedral is a must-see. You can either visit the inside (and see the beautiful astronomical clock for 3€), or climb to a platform on the roof offering an amazing view of the city, for 5€ (the ascent may be difficult, with a lot of stairs to climb, and painful if you are acrophobic). Here is a schedule for visits of the cathedral,

  • «Petite France» is a charming neighborhood with small pedestrian streets, half-timbered houses and nice views on the river. Going on top of Vauban Dam will reward you with a nice view on the famous «Ponts Couverts» and the city center, there are also several museums, boat tours, etc. For more information, see the tourist office website; you can also directly go to the tourist office located near the cathedral,

  • trying local cuisine is highly recommended; organizers will be happy to give you some advice about restaurants.


  • La Patrie, 1 Rue des Balayeurs, Portuguese
  • Tsim Sha Tsui, 15 Rue de la croix, Chinese(HK).
  • Shahi Mahal, 9 Rue des orphelins, Indian.
  • Dim Sum Sam, 9 Rue de l'Abreuvoir, Chinese(HK).
  • Le Rénard préchant. 34 Rue de Zurich, Alsacien.
  • Le Rutsch, 9 Rue du Renard-Préchant, Alsacien.
  • Douri Restaurant Coréen, 12 Rue Munch, Korean.
  • Charly's Burger, 18 Rue de l'Abreuvoir, Burger.
  • Ganesha, 46 Rue de Zurich, Indian.
  • L'Olivier, 60 Rue de Zurich, Lebanese.
  • Mai Saignon, 29 Rue de la Krutenau, Vietnamese
  • Pho 67, 32 Rue de la Krutenau, Vietnamese,
  • Le Pizza de Nico, 12 Rue de Rome, Pizza.