Master class: Crystallographic Groups

Topology, geometry and dynamics.

January 25- January 29 2016, Institut de Recherche de Mathématique Avancée, Strasbourg



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Aims and Scopes

The master classes are aimed at introducing (under)-graduate students to current research area in mathematics. The program is oriented to students that start or finish their master degree as well as to Ph.D. students. For previous master classes held in Strasbourg, see here.

The aim of this master class is to introduce to some modern aspect of a classical subject : Crystallographic Groups. To avoid complications, the lecture will focus on examples and graphical illustrations, especially in dimension 2 and 3. A program is detailed here.


In addition, exercice sessions will be organized immediately after the main lectures . See here for details.


IRMA's building is located in the main campus of Strasbourg University (see the map and the map) . The master classes will be held in the conference room of this building.

Financial support

Financial support for undergraduate and graduate students will be available. We should be able to cover the accommodation expenses, and maybe a limited number of travel expenses. We also encourage all participants to seek financial support for travel from their home institutions. To obtain financial support, it is recommended to register early.


 For registration and further information, please contact by email C. Frances at the following address: frances[no-spam]  with “master-class” as a subject.

Organizers: Charles Frances, Olivier Guichard. The Master Classes are supported by the LABEX IRMIA