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(miniconf on Galois Representations)

Practical Informations

Maths buildings. Mathematics in Strasbourg is located in two buildings, the so called "UFR" building, where the library is (main entrance "Rue René Descartes") and the "Irma" building (main entrance back to the "rue du général Zimmer").

Tram acces. Take tram C, direction Esplanade, get off at stop "Universités". Follow then "rue E. Labbé" and "rue du Général Zimmer".
From the station, follow "Petite rue de la Course" and join the station "Faubourg National" to take the line C of the tram. You can buy a tram ticket to any vending machine located at each tram station. Do not take the tram at the basement of the station : these tram lines (A and D) do not stop at the university.


Around maths buildings (png)

Around the station (png)

Downtown Strasbourg (png)