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Nicolas Juillet

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Bienvenue sur ma page web! Welcome to my web page !

I am a "Maître de conférence" of the "Université de Strasbourg" at the "Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée" (IRMA).

  • Website of the "Séminaire (de calcul) stochastique".
  • Site du Master et de la Préparation à l'agrégation externe de mathématiques de Strasbourg. Site national du jury de l'agrégation externe de mathématiques


    NB: this paper is called "Geometric inequalities and generalized Ricci bounds in the Heisenberg group". It is sometimes still referred under its preliminary name: "Ricci curvature bounds and geometric inequalities in the Heisenberg group".

    In December 2008, I've been defending my doctoral thesis in mathematics at the Institut Fourier (Université Grenoble 1) and the Institut für angewandte Mathematik (Universität Bonn). My advisors were Hervé Pajot and Karl-Theodor Sturm. My thesis is called "Optimal transport and geometric analysis in Heisenberg groups" (other link). Composition of the jury: H. Pajot, K.-T. Sturm, L. Ambrosio (referee), D. Bakry (referee), G. Besson (president Grenoble), R. Flume, H. Koch (president Bonn)).  

    Pictures and animations (Up)

    I have written some animations with Geogebra: In this animation, you can examinate the shape of the triangles of the Heisenberg group. The second animation shows how the third coordinate of  an horizontal curve evolves with respect to the swept algebraic area. Another one: animation.

    On the left, the .gif file shows the construction of a so-called "cochleoid". I found it on Mathcurve (in french).

    Talks, surveys and slides (Up)

    A list of talks with sometimes a survey in proceedings. I've added some slides: these are not "self-contained" diaporamas but rather the companions of a talk with chalk at blackboard.

    Last updated January 8th 2018.