Master Classes

Holomorphic curves and applications to enumerative geometry, symplectic and contact topology

October 26-November 2, 2012, Institut de Recherche de Mathématique Avancée, Strasbourg

Aims and Scopes

The master classes are aimed at introducing undergraduate students to current research area in mathematics. The program is oriented to students that start or finish their master degree. This session is centered on Gromov's pseudo-holomorphic techniques and their applications. These techniques are central in many fields : symplectic and contact topolgy, algebraic geometry, low-dimensional topology ..., yet accessible to students with a good background. The lectures will be given by specialists in the field. The prerequisite is a good knowledge of the Licence/Bachelor curriculum, especially in differential geometry.

Main lectures.

In addition, pre-courses will be organised previous to the main lectures, and independent talks in the subject will be held during the week. More details ...


IRMA's building is located in the main campus of Strasbourg University (see the map and the map) . The master classes will be held in the conference room of this building.


Financial support for undergraduate students will be available. We should be able to cover the accomodation expenses for junior participants, and maybe a limited number of travel expenses. We encourage all participants to seek financial support for travel from their home institutions. The registrations will open soon.


V. Kharlamov, A. Oancea, E. Opshtein.