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Conference ``Galois Representations''.

JF Boutot, J Tilouine and I are organizing a "Mini-Conference" of the European Research Training Network "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry" in Strasbourg 4-8 July 2005 on "Galois Representations".

Part of the conference will be instructional and for this part, we have thought of the following two themes. Lifting mod l Galois representations to characteristic 0 representations (Ramakrishna, Khare-Ramakrishna and related works) ; Modularity of geometric liftings of modular mod l representations (Skinner-Wiles and related works). Some of these lectures would be given by PHD students and post-doctoral searchers.

The other part of the conference will be individual talks related to the subject "Galois Representations".

- confirmed participant : G. Banaszak (Poznan), G. Boeckle (Essen), L. Berger (IHES), L. Dieulefait (Barcelone), B. Edixhoven (Leiden), T. Gee (Londres), H. Hida (Los Angeles), F. Jarvis (Sheffield), M. Kisin (Chicago), P. Krason (Szczecin), L. Merel (Paris), J. Nekovar (Paris), T. Saito (Tokyo), Y.-J. Yu (Paris), et les organisateurs.

- to be confirmed : M. Bertolini (Milan), C. Breuil (IHES), K. Buzzard (Londres), J.-M. Fontaine (Orsay), M. Harris (Paris), R. Ramakrishna (Cornell).

Jean-Pierre Wintenberger

Université Louis Pasteur

Département de Mathématiques, IRMA

7, rue René Descartes

67084 Strasbourg Cedex

France e-mail:

tel 03 90 24 02 17 , fax 03 90 24 03 28

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J-Pierre Wintenberger