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Special week: Berkovich spaces and applications    fr

IRMA, June 20-27 2014

The aim of the special weeks is to present to a current research topic to students who are finishing their master degrees as well as to more advanced students (Ph.D. students or young post-docs).

This year, we selected the topic of p-adic analytic geometry in the sense of Berkovich, with emphasis on the applications.

Pre-courses (afternoon of June 20th and June 21st):

  • Berkovich spaces (3h)
  • Zariski-Riemann spaces (3h)
  • The étale fundamental group of algebraic varieties (3h)

Courses (June 23rd to 26th):

  • Jose I. Burgos Gil (ICMAT-CSIC Madrid): Applications of Berkovich spaces to the arithmetic of toric varieties
  • E. Lepage (IMJ Paris): Fundamental groups in p-adic geometry
  • J. Nicaise (University of Leuven): Skeleta of Berkovich spaces and birational geometry

The courses will be complemented by a general audience talk by A. Werner (Frankfurt) on Thursday 26th and research talks on Friday 27th (all day).

PDF - 23.8 kb

Organization: Chloé Perin, Jérôme Poineau

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