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Accueil > Publications > Lectures in Mathematics & Theoretical Physics > Volume 03 : From Combinatorics to Dynamical Systems

Volume 03 : From Combinatorics to Dynamical Systems

Editors : F. Fauvet, C. Mitschi
2003. 17 x 24 cm. XII, 241 pages.
Paperback € 36,95 [D] / sFr 59,-
USA, Canada, Mexico : $36.95
ISBN 3-11-017875-3

The volume contains nine refereed research papers in various areas from combinatorics to
dynamical systems, with computer algebra as an underlying and unifying theme.
Topics covered include irregular connections, rank reduction and summability of solutions
of differential systems, asymptotic behaviour of divergent series, integrability of Hamiltonian
systems, multiple zeta values, quasi-polynomial formalism, Padé approximants related to analytic
integrability, hybrid systems.
The interactions between computer algebra, dynamical systems and combinatorics discussed
in this volume should be useful for both mathematicians and theoretical physicists who
are interested in effective computation.

Contents :

- Marc Espie, Jean-Christophe Novelli, Georges Racinet : Formal computations about multiple
zeta value
Eduardo Corel : Algorithmic computation of exponents for linear differential
- José Luis R. F. Martins : Sur les représentations de solutions formelles d’équations
- Moulay Barkatou, Frédéric Chyzak, Michèle Loday-Richaud : Remarques algorithmiques
liées au rang d’un opérateur différentiel linéaire
- Mireille Canalis-Durand : Gevrey
normal form of systems of differential equations with a nilpotent - Delphine Boucher, Jacques-Arthur Weil : Application of J.-J. Morales and J.-P. Ramis’ theorem to the planar three-body
- Léon Brenig : On a constructive approach to the solution of dynamical systems
- T.-L.Yee, R. Conte, M. Musette : Sur la “solution analytique générale” d’une équation différentielle
- Jean Della Dora, Mihaela Mirica-Ruse : Hybrid systems

Distributor : de Gruyter.

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