My videos and beamers.

  1. Geometric quantisation of cluster varieties and quantum dilogarithm. 10.08.2010 Aarhus
  2. Cluster varieties and integrable systems. 18.08.2014 Seoul
  3. Combinatorics and solution of integrable systems. 27.03.2014 Moscou
  4. Flag configurations and integrable systems. 1.12.2014 Lausanne
  5. Dimers, clusters and integrable systerms (in Russian)22.12.2014 PDMI Saint-Petersburg
  6. Towards higher Teichmueller spaces for affine groups 05.08.2015 Orsay
  7. Higher complex structures on Riemann surfaces 07.10.2017 Aarhus
  8. Tau-function and cluster A-varfieties (in Russian) 06.06.2018 Moscow.
  9. A-coordinates on cluster integrable systems are special values of a tau-function 08.06.2018 MIAN Moscow
  10. Clusters and singularities. 28.06.2018 Angers
  11. Higgs bundles and cotangent bundle to the "new" higher Teichmueller space 28.10.2018 HSE Moscow
  12. Tau funciton on Riemann surfaes. 14.04.2020 Geneva (zoom talk)
  13. Higher complex structures 20.04.2020 Moscow (zoom talk)
  14. Spectral curves, WKB, Stokes data, plane curve singularities and clusters. 24.04.2020 MSU (zoom talk)
  15. Hecke Algebras and higher laminations Part 1. Part 2 01.02.2021 Les Diablerets, (zoom talk)
  16. Momentum map of general relativity. 2.04.2021. Geneva (zoom talk).
  17. Faces of higher laminations. 17.05.2022 Yale University (zoom talk).
  18. Cluster duality and non-holomorphic spectral curves. 30.11.2022 IHES