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Philippe Helluy

5 Collective activities

5.1 Official responsibilities

In my career I participated to the collective life of my universities. Here is also a non-closed list of examples:

5.2 Fundings

Here is a list of some supports that I obtained for my research projects.

5.3 Contracts

In my career I had several occasions to realize applied research contracts with industry or less academic institutions:

5.3.1 Banyuls

In 1998 with Vincent Rey I realized a short engineering study for modeling waves in the harbor of Banyuls. The results are described here (in French): http://www-irma.u-strasbg.fr/~helluy/ADMIN/CV/BANYULS.pdf

5.3.2 DCN Toulon

In 1997-2000 I made a software study for DCN (“Direction des Constructions Navales”, French navy submarine industry) for simulating a submarine gas generator. The contract (around 100 k) permits to support the PhD grant of Sandra Rouy. The resulting software DIVAXI (see section 4.1 ) was sold to DCN.

5.3.3 Principia

in 2006 I made a software study of 30kfor the PRINCIPIA company in La Ciotat. PRINCIPIA is a subsidiary of AREVA specialized in software modeling for industry. With Frédéric Golay we developed a finite volume compressible k ϵ turbulent module in EOLENS, a PRINCIPIA software.

5.3.4 AxesSim

AxesSim is a software company in Strasbourg, specialized in electromagnetic simulations. http://www.axessim.eu.

Since 2012 I have a collaboration with AxeSim for accelerating Discontinuous Galerkin solvers on GPU. This collaboration permitted to support the PhD thesis of Thomas Strub and Bruno Weber and two accompanying contracts (220 kfor 6 years). This collaboration is also supported by DGA (French defense agency) and BPI (French public bank for investment).