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Université de Strasbourg
7 rue René Descartes
67084 Strasbourg Cedex

Office: i301
Phone: +33 (0)

Email: ppy at


séminaire interne de l'IRMA

I am interested in geometric group theory, symplectic geometry, kähler geometry...
A monograph on Kähler groups
Workshop on complex geometry and geometric group theory in Karlsruhe
The Past
Une rencontre à Munster
Master class in geometry - January 2021 canceled
Winter school in Cuernavaca
MSRI summer school in Oaxaca (geometric group theory) Schedule, notes, exercises...
Escuela de invierno en grupos y dinámica - enero 2018
A workshop in february 2017: Groups of dynamical origin
Geometries in action 2015
Michel Coornaert 60th's birthday, February 27th 2015
Master class around Torelli's theorem for K3 surfaces (October 2013)

Students and teaching