Hugo + hyde quick static site implementation

Install needed software

The basics

Make sure to delete the draft = true in the heading (if any) in order to make the page appear during the auto generation.

hugo server --watch

This will generate the site dynamically on localhost, you will see something like Web Server is available at, open this address in your favorite navigator, it is already there. Note that if you modify your file (or create another in /contents/ ), the page is updated dynamically, a handy way to test our new site.


<script type="text/javascript"

Then, add the following html code to sidebar.html mentioned in the previous point (note that the menu is ordered by its entry weights):

<ul class="sidebar-nav">
  {{ range .Site.Menus.sidemain.ByWeight }}
         <li><a href="{{.URL}}"> {{ .Name }} </a></li>



ftp upload script

cd ~/hyde/
rm -rf /home/user/tmp/hyde/public/tags/

mirror --overwrite -c -e -R ~/tmp/hyde/public/ /
exit 0

Appendix: some markdown syntax

click to expand
[like this](http://someurl)
[like this](http://someurl "this title shows up when you hover")

*this is in italic*  and _so is this_
**this is in bold**  and __so is this__
***this is bold and italic***  and ___so is this___
<s>this is strike through text</s>

A carriage return
makes a line break.

Two carriage returns make a new paragraph.

> Use it if you're quoting a person, a song or whatever.

> You can use *italic* or lists inside them also.
And just like with other paragraphs,
all of these lines are still
part of the blockquote, even without the > character in front.

To end the blockquote, just put a blank line before the following

 * an asterisk starts an unordered list
 * and this is another item in the list
 +  or you can also use the + character
 - or the - character
    * just indent by 4 spaces (or tab) to make a sub-list
        1. keep indenting for more sub lists
    * here i'm back to the second level

  First Header  | Second Header
  ------------- | -------------
  Content Cell  | Content Cell
  Content Cell  | Content Cell

  ![alternate text](
  ![tiny arrow]( "tiny arrow")
  [[embed url=]]
  <b>this will be bold</b>

# this is a huge header #
## this is a smaller header ##
### this is even smaller ###
#### more small ####
##### even smaller #####
###### smallest still: `<h6>` header


# Section 1
## Sub-section 1
# Section 2
For simple expand, use shortcode divexpand or hidexpand (inline), where % means parsed the markdown and < means do not, for inline expand, use <div> tag to make a block.