My book,

Approximation by algebraic numbers,

appeared in November 2004 in the series `Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics'.

Please, keep me informed on any mistake, misprint, etc., and on any paper which should be added in the bibliography. I will maintain a table of errata and updates will be available here soon.

The book is also available in Paperback and in eBook format.

You can download the .ps file of references updates as well as the .pdf file (10/09/2007).

Here is a list of papers written after the completion of the book (14/03/2008). ( .pdf )

You can download the table of contents.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Several reviews of this book have appeared:

* Review by M. Waldschmidt published in the Gazette de la S.M.F.

* Review by D. Roy published in the Math. Reviews.

* Review by D. Dickinson published in the Bull. London Math. Soc.

Number of copies sold (hardback, 10 Nov. 2017) : 626.

Number of copies sold (paperback, 10 Nov. 2017) : 149.