I'm an associate professor (Maitre de Conférences) at Université de Strasbourg since September 2015. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institut fur Mathematik in Bonn from February 2015 until August 2015. And before that I was a postdoc at MSRI during the special semester Geometric Representation Theory.

My field is geometric representation theory. I enjoy using algebraic geometry (e.g. moduli spaces/stacks, D-modules) and topology (e.g. perverse sheaves) to study algebraic objects (e.g. Lie algebras, quantum groups, Hall algebras) and their representations and viceversa. More recently I became interested in understanding how these are linked to the theory of knot invariants (e.g. KLR algebras, link homology) and to symmetric functions (elliptic Hall algebra).

Short CV