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Current interests

Group cohomology, Galois theory, finite groups in general, dessins d'enfants.

Here's my CV, in English.

Computer calculations

a database of dessins and their Belyi maps.

Witt-invariants for links (joint with Gael Collinet).

Stiefel-Whitney classes, Chern classes and Steenrod operations for some 2-groups.


21. (with N. Gill and M. Liebeck) The binary actions of simple groups of Lie type of characteristic 2, to appear. Arxiv

20. (with N. Gill) The binary actions of simple groups with a single conjugacy class of involutions, to appear. Arxiv

19. (with N. Gill) The binary actions of alternating groups, to appear. Arxiv

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1. Chow rings and cobordism of some Chevalley groups,
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These were all refereed, or will be at some point.


Leçons sur l'homologie et le groupe fondamental,
Cours Spécialisés, 29. Société Mathématique de France, Paris, 2022.
A gentle introduction to local class field theory,
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2018. MathSciNet Google books


Not intended for publication

Survey on the theory of beta-rings: Adams operations in cohomotopy. Arxiv

A paper (with Y. Ségalat) containing known, but hard to find, results: Not so new congruences for Stirling numbers of the first kind, with an application to Chern classes, Arxiv

Documents needed to get a degree

Habilitation à diriger les recherches.

PhD Thesis : Algebraic cycles, cobordism, and the cohomology of classifying spaces PDF