Matthieu Bachmann (RWTH Aachen)

Numerical simulation of laser-induced cavitation bubbles


Frank Duderstadt (WIAS Berlin)

On the growth of the water droplets in wet air


Nicolas Seguin (UniversitŽ Paris 6)

On the coupling of models and numerical methods for two-phase flows


Peng Zeng (RWTH-AAchen)

Numerical simulation of turbulent jet primary breakup in Diesel engines


HervŽ Guillard (INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis)

Traveling wave analysis of two-phase dissipative models


Philippe Helluy (IRMA Strasbourg)

Two-phase flows with granular stress


Jean-Marc HŽrard (EDF R&D, DŽpartement MFEE, Chatou)

Three-field versus three-phase flow models


Daniel Fuster (Institut d'Alembert, Paris)

Simulation of atomization using oct-tree adaptive mesh refinement


Maria-Vittoria Salvetti (Aerospace Eng. Dept., University of Pisa)

A numerical method for barotropic flow simulation with applications to cavitation


Gloria Faccanoni (CEA Saclay)

Modelling and simulation of the liquid-vapor phase transition


Uwe Iben (Bosch GmbH Stuttgart)

Modelling of cavitating flow and it's application in industries


Jenny Haink (Univ. Stuttgart)

Local Discontinuous-Galerkin schemes for model problems in phase transition theory


Wolfgang Dreyer (Weierstrass Institute, Berlin)

On the Entropy Inequality. From its historical origins to modern applications.


Thomas Kurz (Physikal. Institut, UniversitŠt Gšttingen)

Compressibility effects in laser-induced cavitation


Maren Hantke (Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg)

On balance laws for mixture theories with phase change


HŽlne Mathis (IRMA Strasbourg)

Several numerical models for the simulation of bubble oscillations