Mardi 7 février 2017

The "Joint Seminar in Algebraic and Complex Geometry" is a research seminar, organized by the research groups in Basel, Freiburg, Nancy and Strasbourg. The seminar meets roughly twice per semester in Strasbourg, for a full day. There are about four talks per meeting, both by invited guests and by speakers from the organizing universities. We aim to leave ample room for discussions and for a friendly chat.

The talks are open for everyone. Contact one of the organizers if you are interested in attending the meeting. We have some (very limited) funds that might help to support travel for some junior participants.

The seminar will meet in Strasbourg, February 7th in the conference room of the institute.

Organizer : Damian Brotbek (Strasbourg)

Invited speakers :

  • Oliver Bräunling
  • Enrica Floris
  • Robert Laterveer
  • Arvid Perego

  • Mardi 7 février 2017

  • 10:30

    Invariance of plurigenera for foliations on surfaces

    — Enrica Floris (Basel)

  • 11:45

    On a conjecture of Voisin

    — Robert Laterveer (Strasbourg)

  • 14:30

    Kählerness of moduli spaces of sheaves over non-projective K3 surfaces

    — Arvid Perego (Nancy)

  • 16:00

    K-theory of étale p-torsion sheaves and Cartier modules

    — Oliver Bräunling (Freiburg)