Séminaire Bâle-Fribourg-Strasbourg

organisé par les équipes GRQ et GETO

  • Pierre-yves Gaillard

    About some results of Beilinson, Ginzburg and Soergel.

    6 avril 2001 - 14:00Salle de séminaires IRMA

    The results of Beilinson, Ginzburg and Soergel about Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand modules are too beautiful not to extend to Harish-Chandra modules. Some conjectures in this direction will be described.
  • Florent Hivert

    Schur-Weyl duality for double cosets

    6 avril 2001 - 15:00Salle de séminaires IRMA

    Motivated by the representation theory of the degenerated Hecke algebra of type A, we consider the direct sum of the algebras of all symmetric groups endowed with the convolution product. This algebra is well known to be homogeneous commutant of the action of the linear group GL (V) on the tensor algebra T(V). We extend this construction to the formal sum of double cosets of all symmetric groups.
  • Leonid Vaynermann

    Representations of quantum groupoids et modular categories.

    6 avril 2001 - 16:30Salle de séminaires IRMA

    We discuss the main results of the theory of quantum groupoids and their representations. With the help of this theory, we give the construction of braided and modular ribbon categories. It is well-known these categories are used to calculate quantum invariants of 3-varieties.
  • équipe Eucor

    Modèles BRST

    17 octobre 2001 - 10:00Salle de séminaires IRMA