Séminaire Bâle-Fribourg-Strasbourg

organisé par les équipes GRQ et GETO

  • Raphaël Rouquier

    On the category O for rational Cherednik algebras

    16 mai 2003 - 11:30Salle de séminaires IRMA

  • Bertrand Remy

    Linear images of Kac-Moody groups and superrigidity

    16 mai 2003 - 14:15Salle de séminaires IRMA

  • Dieter Kotschick

    Quasi-homomorphisms and stable lengths in mapping class groups

    28 novembre 2003 - 11:00Salle de séminaires IRMA

    We shall discuss properties of the stable length with respect to various systems of generators in arbitrary groups, and explain how to obtain lower bounds in terms of quasi-homomorphisms. Applications to mapping class groups of surfaces will be given, showing that the stable torsion length does not vanish identically. We will also show that the analog of the Polterovich-Rudnick separation theorem is false for these groups.
  • Mihai Paun

    Numerical properties of currents associated to entire curves

    28 novembre 2003 - 14:00Salle de séminaires IRMA