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  • Thomas Noll

    Conceptualizing Diatonicity

    8 décembre 2023 - 14:30Salle de conférences IRMA

    The term „Diatonicity“ stands for a conceptual network around the properties of the diatonic scale and their role for the understanding of modality and tonality. The term is also used in the study of pitch class profiles for the magnitude of the fifth Fourier coefficient. The lecture provides an overview of selected algebraic and computational approaches to this domain of investigation and also presents considerations on their integration. This includes the study of chords, scales and rhythms as first and second-order maximally even sets, the transformational modeling of well-formed and pairwise wellformed modes, and the inspection of the Fourier-qualities of these musical objects. The suitability of the Fourier transformation also provides a challenging link to a recent quantum-theoretical approach to the modeling of tonal attraction