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Séminaire Analyse

organisé par l'équipe Analyse

  • Raphaël Côte

    Perturbation à l'explosion des solutions autosimilaires de l'équation de Korteweg-de Vries modifiée

    1 juin 2023 - 11:00Salle de séminaires IRMA

  • Jacob Shapiro

    Classification of strongly-disordered topological insulators

    8 juin 2023 - 11:00Salle de conférences IRMA

    In this talk I will describe some of the mathematical aspects of strongly-disordered topological insulators. These are novel materials which insulate in their bulk but (may) conduct along their edge; the quintessential example is that of the integer quantum Hall effect. What characterizes these materials is the existence of a topological index, experimentally measurable and macroscopically quantized. Mathematically this is explained by applying algebraic topology to the space of appropriate quantum mechanical Hamiltonians. I will survey some recent results mainly concentrating on the classification problem in one dimension.