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  • Nirvana Coppola

    On perfect powers that are sums of cubes of a nine term arithmetic progression

    25 avril 2024 - 14:00Salle de séminaires IRMA

    Solving Diophantine equations has always been one of the most fascinating problems in number theory, since even if it can be easily formulated, it almost always requires advanced techniques. In this talk, I will focus on equations that relate sums of powers to perfect powers. After showing some examples that are in the literature, I will discuss the (non-)existence of perfect powers that are sums of cubes of a nine-term arithmetic progression. The proof involves a battery of techniques and both theoretical and computational tools. This is joint work with Mar Curcó-Iranzo, Maleeha Khawaja, Vandita Patel, Özge Ülkem.